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If you're researching information on mobile websites we explain the benefits of utilizing a custom mobile website and what sets OCI mobile websites apart from other mobile websites and mobilized websites.

About Custom Built Mobile Websites:

If it's important to you that your business information is available to the large and growing number of people that are using mobile phones to access local business information then a custom built mobile website can't be beat. A custom built mobile website allows you to use a completely different layout than is used on the full size site. The reason a different layout would be used is because full size websites are designed to be viewed on large computer monitors, not a small mobile phone screen. When a full size website is viewed on a mobile phone's screen the website is tiny and the text impossible to read. Because the content is so small you need to zoom in and scroll left & right as well as up & down which can make following the content and navigating the site a real chore. And not all mobile phone screens are the entire length of the phone which makes following the content and accessing information even harder. Some full size websites use functions and features that are not supported by all mobile phones so when viewing a full size site on a mobile phone images can be missing or distorted and text and page navigation links can also be missing. This same content can be missing if viewing a website that has been 'mobilized'. In order for a website to look and function properly on a mobile phone, the website needs to be designed to be viewed on a mobile phone.


You don't have to settle for an information-less mobile website

People that are using mobile phones to surf the web are looking for the same information that they do on a full size computer and because they are using a mobile device they are looking for mobile friendly websites. However, due to the high costs that can be associated with website design a lot of business owners must settle for an icon mobile website that provides little or no actual information about the products and service they provide. (Icon website basically only provide contact info like phone numbers, hours and location.). If you would like to get a mobile website posted that will provide the information that you need people to see in order to promote the products and services you provide we can get you an informative mobile website posted that's probably only at a fraction of the price you might have been quoted. - To find out just contact us for a free quote.


About OCI Mobile Websites

OCI mobile websites are custom built using a technology that allows the images to stay in proper proportion to the mobile devise's screen regardless of the size of the screen. Most custom mobile websites are optimized for one type of device or for just a few so they can look different and might be distorted on different devices. OCI mobile websites will look the same on iPhones, Droids, Kindles etc.


Because our websites are custom built we are able to control where the paragraph and line breaks are placed to make reading & following the content easy. We can use custom font sizes and colors and unlike mobile websites that are optimized for just certain phones, our images automatically resize to stay in proportion to the screen no matter the mobile phone screen size. Navigating the website is quick and easy because the navigation links can be placed in the best possible locations, or a separate links page can be utilized if the website consists of many pages. And the most important factor; it won't matter how the full size website is laid-out because our custom built mobile websites enable to you to pick & choose what information you'd like to be immediately available to mobile phone users as soon as the website opens on their phones.


The best way to see how our mobile websites look and function is to view them on a mobile phone.

If you have a mobile phone you can go to our mobile version of this site ( then click on the portfolio page.

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